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March Reload Posted

The March edition of Reload has been posted.  The February shoot was a fun shoot and no scores were recorded.

The Eyes Have It

Yes, I think if you collected the opinions of the more accomplished shooters, you will find that they elect the eyes to serve as the pinnacle of ingredients to consistently hit more targets. Oh, you don’t agree? What argument can you make against that election? Well, for this column you are out voted.

I would have to agree with the accomplished shooters based on the following facts. You have to see and understand the target to load your brain. What you see is what you have to prepare to hit. If you don’t see a target well, for whatever reason, you more than likely will miss it a high percentage of the time. Your eyes must react with the target so you don’t have to visually catch up at an abnormal pace to collect your full concentration on the target. Where do you think your gun is during all of this? Your right! Out of control behind the target trying to catch up. You load your brain before you load your gun. Right? So chalk one up for the good guys.

Joe Maresca Remembered

The Connecticut Travelers and the Sporting World in general lost a pinnacle of true sportsmanship and generosity. Joseph Maresca was called to his maker while attending the Seminole Cup in Florida. Joe, a partner in Mid Hudson Sporting Grounds was very visible for years as a shooter and supporter of our great sport before engaging into the purchase of Mid Hudson. At this time we do not have information with regard to his services but they will be listed on ctsca.org as soon as we get them.

Many sad responses to our email blast from our members.

Bruce Galotto remembers Joe:

I was informed Saturday afternoon that Joe Marecsca passed away at the Seminole Cup this week. I was alone in our home and the news took awhile to truly sink in. Trying to rationalize the happenstances of life in terms that we can come to grip with usually provide a shelter for about 1 week. Then the void appears in all its sterility. Joe’s leaving will leave a void that can not and will not be filled. To say Joe was a character (that “was” is still difficult to get around) was to sell him short. Joe was more than a character. I had the privilege of knowing a Joe that I believe many didn’t. Joe possessed a “street sense” of life and of business. Many had a difficult time in understanding Joe’s point of view. Joe wanted the sport he loved to grow and he did everything he could to make that happen. Any kid that wanted to shoot but didn’t have the means to do so just had to ask Joe. Few knew about this, but that was Joe’s way. There is a certain class there that all the degrees or pedigreed can’t buy.

I don’t shoot much any more. Life has a tendency to beat down one’s enthusiasms and relegate them to youthful exuberances. I do have my memories. I have won more than my share. The trophies are old and tarnished but the memories never need polish. They stand as radiant as when they where created. My memory of Joe Maresca will never need polish. It like Joe will be one of a kind. Joe was like that, a kind, giving man that we are all winners for having known. Some how it seems fitting that this would occur at a shoot, guess I am trying to rationalize.

Joe I will miss you, you were one of the best.

Bruce Galotto

 CTSCA.org invites you to share your memories of Joe Maresca by adding a comment to this story.

Funeral Arrangements

Buen Pastor Funeral Home
583 Van Houten Ave
Clifton, NJ   07013
Phone: (973) 614-1717
Sunday, March 2nd.
Hours: 2 to 4 and 7 to 9

Funeral Service: Monday, March 3rd. 11AM
George Washington Cemetery
Paramus Rd., Paramus, NJ
There will be a repast at 12 noon at Victor's Maywood Inn, 122 W. Pleasant Avenue, Maywood, NJ. Ph: 201 843-8022.

Invitation to Enjoy the Alaskan Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

Fellow Traveler and Keystone Ramblers Contingent member, Tom Gravina is extending an invitation to the Connecticut Travelers membership to join him this summer for fishing with Eagle Charters out of Elfin Cove, Alaska. Tom can assure you that it is the Alaskan Trip of a lifetime based on his ten years experiences there. The trip is planned for August 2, 2008 and would love to have some fellow Travelers join him. He also will be happy to make any arrangements for members that would like to fish Eagle Charters at another time. Eagle Charters and Cross Sound Lodge, a sister lodge, can be reached via their web sites: www.eaglecharters.com and www.crosssoundlodge.com. Tom can be reached for additional information at tgravina@aol.com or Manor Building Penthouse, 564 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Sporting Clays and Wing Shooting By The Numbers

Successful Clays and Wing Shooting begins with the same principles: complete target focus and a proper attempt to hit the target by executing a good gun mount every time. I hope this simple explanation, assisted by good practice, helps to make you a better shooter.

1. Prepare for the target while in the on deck position.

Read the target line to know where you want to break the target. Know where the trap is located and where the first area of the target flight will be visible to you. Establish where your gun hold point will be. Usually, one half the distance from your perceived break point back to the original area of first target sighting. Mentally break the target as it is being presented to the shooter in the shooting stand. Attain a positive mental attitude towards breaking the target prior to moving into the shooting stand by having a solid game plan. Trust your plan, it will only take minor adjustments to break the target in the event that your plan was not quite right. Don’t copy the shooter preceding you.

BSA Shoot at the Coon Club

Last May, 65 individuals showed up on a nice spring Saturday in Norfolk because of their generosity, sense of civic duty, interest in sporting clays, or some combination of the three.  As a result, the Connecticut Rivers chapter of the Boy Scouts of America raised enough funds to send an extra 20 or so youth to camp this summer.

I helped some with the organization of this event.  I assure you it only elevated my appreciation and gratitude to the sometimes tireless and always talented folks who make the CTSCA shoots seem to go off so effortlessly.

Thanks to the many Travelers who attended.  Special congratulations to High Squad members Arthur Toneei, Al Anglace, Don Brenton, Frank Difabbio, Olive Lawlor, and John Lawlor.

Thanks also to host Joe Gimelli whose staff at the Coon Club had coffee waiting for us, threw 100 enjoyable, diversified targets, provided a great lunch, and had us on the road home sooner than expected to carry on with our weekend plans.  I heard nothing but compliments and promises of repeated and higher attendance next year.

Being a fundraiser there were some side games and raffles.  There was a 50/50 raffle which participants earned a ticket for each target broke on a fur and feather set up on station one. At lunch, the winner collected $220 and promptly returned the cash as a donation.  I am delighted to report that ten minutes later he won the marquee raffle item, a brand new DeHaan over/under 12 ga.  He kept that.

Thanks again to everyone who attended.  Hope to see you again next year.

Nile Pullin

The Euro Experience 2007

22 June 2007

We arrived in Paris Sunday. We headed out to Honfleur on the Channel for lunch. It is a very nice old fishing and ferry town. We then went to Falaise for the overnight. We visited the Le Chameau plant at Pont D'Ouilly. It was very interesting and eye awakening. The making of the natural rubber boots is very labour intensive and  true craftsmanship and skill is involved. From there, we visited Mont St Michel where we had lunch. We lft to drive along the Norman coast to St Malo. We visited St Malo and stayed overnight. We left for Fonatainebleau the next morning. We stopped in Chartes for lunch and visited a most lovely and large cathedral. We went to the shooting grounds Wednesday for some practice. Alda went to visit some chateaus and glass blowing artisans with some of the women. Today, the weather gods sent us occasional thundershowers. Hopefully tomorrow, we won't get more rain. We have been eating and drinking very well! Nearly all the wines in the restaurants cost less than the SAQ and the local prices include taxes and tip! Two more days of shooting before we head for Germany.

Best regards,


Henry Nachaj (aka "The Lone Canadian") is a Traveler in the truest sense.

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